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  • All our products are made in UK to our design or to match your own customer’s specifications.
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  • Bespoke artwork and laser engraving of logos or QR codes are also available.
  • MPB offers fast turnaround, competitive pricing, no minimum order quantity.
  • All our products are made in UK to our design, or to match your own specifications.
  • Bespoke artwork and laser engraving of logos, or QR codes are available.

Long Series 1200 Variable Area Flowmeter including low flow range


The MPB Long Series 1200 Flowmeter has a flow tube length of 295mm, is for use where high resolution scale accuracy is required.

The MPB Long Series 1200 Flowmeter has been designed where the most accurate flow measurements are required, giving a high resolution, “free float” operation, with flow rates as low as 50cc/min Air and Water. Normally front of panel mounted, but can be rear of panel mounted and supplied complete with bezel mounting kit. A circular mounting base is also available with adjustable feet if required.

The MPB Long Series 1200 Flowmeter will give an instantaneous flow rate of virtually any process gas or liquid.

The MPB Long Series 1200 Flowmeter can be supplied with either nickel plated brass, anodised aluminium alloy or stainless steel connections.

These can be supplied with straight through, or rear facing connections, with or without integral control valves.    An alarmed version is also available.

Download Technical Bulletin which shows standard flow rates: Technical Bulletin

Download Installation Instructions: Installation Instructions

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• Also supplied in two other standard lengths (see MPBTB 002).
• High resolution – ideal for calibration purposes.
• Valved and non-valved versions available.
• Straight through, or rear facing connections.
• Direct reading of instantaneous flow rate.
• Polycarbonate safety cover.
• A wide range of standard flow rates.
• Customised flow rates also available.

• Easy to read scale.
• Easy in-situ tube removal and reinstallation.
• Frictionless, hence low head loss.
• Branding available for quantity orders.
• Bezel and mounting kit available.
• Suitable for front, or rear of panel mounting.
• Two base arrangements available.
• Minimal maintenance.
• Long service life.


Chassis: Anodised aluminium to BSEN12373/AA25

End Blocks:  Nickel plated brass, stainless steel, or anodised aluminium

Process Connections:  ¼” BSPPF or ¼” NPT rear facing, ¼” BSPPF,  or ¼” NPT straight through

Valve Stem: Stainless Steel

Cover: Polycarbonate

Seals:  Typically, Nitrile or Viton (alternative sealing material available)

Measuring Tube: Borosilicate glass (295mm long)

Scale: Permanently fired black ceramic

Plumb Bob Float: Hard anodised aluminium, or stainless steel

Ball Float: Glass, stainless steel, ceramic, ruby or tungsten

Weight: 570/670 grams (standard)

Maximum Working Pressure:  Gas: up to 20 bar g, Liquid: up to 20 bar g (non-shock)

Maximum Work Temperature: Nitrile: 60oC, Viton: 100oC

Accuracy: +/- 5% FSD predicted, +/- 2% FSD series calibrated